Fungi Nail Laser Treatment

Fungi-Nail (Onychomycosis) Laser 

Fungal nails are a common concern. Fungal nails occur when fungi (microorganism) infect the nails. Some symptoms may include discoloration, thickening, brittleness, and debris under the nails. People can be caught by fungi due to several reasons such as trauma or injury to the nail plate, poor circulation, diabetes, sweaty feet, wearing shoes and socks for lengthy periods of time, showering in shared public spaces such as swimming pools or gym showers, or after visiting unhygienic nail bars.


The treatment can be topical, oral, and laser treatment. Oral treatment often harsh for liver and regular medical monitoring required. Thus, people prefer laser treatment over oral medication.

Topical treatment is usually the first line therapy for fungal nails. A range of topical treatment products such as paints, sprays, creams, and gels available in the market.

Body and Face offer Short Pulse ND Yag laser treatment to kill the fungus. It requires 3 treatment over the year period of time. Will advise you to strengthen immune health and topical treatment.

Recovery can take up to nine months.


Our Price

 Treatment Starts from $ 299