Hair Removal

Body and Face clinic uses second generation I2PL+ medical grade device to remove hair.  It has dual mode for cooling and filtering with square Pulse Technology. It is found  safe, effective, and painless compared to many other machines. Read more

Areas for Hair Removal


I2PL_-214x277 Areas for Hair Removal: Between eyebrows, Upper eyebrow, Upper lip, Cheeks, Chin, Jawline, front or back of neck, Underarms, Tummy line (Snail Trail),Forehead, Knees, Toes, Upper foots, hands, fingers, (bikini, Brazilian & breast area-women only), Lower back, Upper back, Middle back, Abdomen, shoulders, upper arm, lower arm and full body. For meeting your costume needs.Hair removal is permanent and needed a 6-8 treatments. However, hormonal hair, and paradoxical hair treatment needed 10-12 sessions and 3 monthly maintenance treatment.



Price: Upper body


Cost are listed per session

Lip                $40                  

Chin              $40                 

Forehead       $50                 

Full Face        $90                  

Face Sides     $50 

Under arms  $50           

Lower arms  $75             

Full arms      $ 95                          

Price: Lower Body


Cost are listed per session       

Snail Trail     $50           

Chest    $75

Abdomen $75

Full Back     $190     

Lower Leg   $109 

Upper Leg $149

Brazillian     $75   

*Brazilian -not for male   

Price: Combined Areas


Cost are listed per session

Uppe and Lower Legs $175 

Chest+Abdo  $149  

Brazilian+ lower leg +underarm    $220  

Full leg+ brazilian+underarm        $259   

Full body    $699