Hair Loss Treatment


Hair thinning and loss are found in both and women and men. Hair thinning and loss is caused by age, hormone, medicine, stress, diet, gene, disease, autoimmune disorder and more. These factors affect the hair follicle life cycle, they are  Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Some of the hair loss is immune-mediated and requires medical treatment.

male &female-baldness

The hair loss pattern in man and women slightly vary as shown in the picture. It is important that you should seek attention at the time of hair thinning otherwise it can be difficult to regenerate new hair follicles and reverse complete hair loss.

To combat thinning hair or hair loss, multimodalities approach are necessary, thus this needs proper consultation.

We sell service and products for hair care as below.

Our Price

Consultation fee $20 (It will be reimbursed open service purchased) 

Revitalash Shampoo & conditioner $110

 Trioxidil, Foligain, Shampoo & Conditioner $125

HairMax Shampoo, conditioner & Booster  $185

10% Trioxidil, Foligain, for thining hair $80

Hair serum with Needling $149 per sessions

Density Hair Fibre and Spray $95

Low Laser Therapy

The light energy is known to stimulate hair growth.  The device that has a red light spectrum between 650nm and 670nm that may be a laser and/or light-emitting diode (LED).

  • It treats thinning hair and balding for both men and women.
  • It is an FDA cleared device to use for hair growth.
  • It increases cellular activity within the follicle and promotes hair growth. We recommend, you to have treatment two-thee times a week. Will review hair growth on a regular basis. We are partner with HairMax solution and you can get 1 set of shampoo, conditioner, hair boost and laser band 41 in one package. 
Our Price

NZ$20 per session

NZ$ 70 for 5 session

NZ$100 for 10 session

You can buy a laser comb or laser light for home use.

HairMax LaserBand 41 with set of Shampoo $1250

HairMax LaserComb Ultima 9 with set of shampoo  $599

Plateletes-Plasma (PRP) Therapy

We alsprp3o inject Platelets- rich plasma to the scalp for stimulating hair growth. PRP contain several growth factors and stem cell that nourish the scalp and helps for healthy hair growth. 



Key bescan0003 (3)nefits:

  • Stimulation of hair follicles 
  • Increased hair growth
  • Thicker healthier hair 
  • Minimal pain or discomfort
Our Price

PRP therapy for scalp

$400 per session with one low-laser therapy