Facial Peel



Facial peel products are derived from milk, curd, fruit acid and enzymes etc. These products soften surface of skin and improve skin texture. Some of the facial peel products  successfully removes epidermal pigmentation, freckles and help on fine lines. Peels can be repeated as necessary. We advise to have 6 treatment at monthly basis to achieve desire result.  








Facial Peel treatments:

Cosmedix AHA Peel (Benefit Peel) for acenic skin

Cosmedix Vitamin A Peel (Timeless) for wrinkles and aged skin

Cosmedix Deep sea Peel for Acne Scar, other scars, and stretch marks

Salysalic acid (Clarity peel) for aged and pigmented skin

Fruit enzymes (Derma individuals) for refreshing skin

Our Price

Lactic and salysalic acid Peel—————– NZ$120

Vit A, and peel for acne skin——————-NZ$180

Fruit enzymes—————————————NZ$60

Deep sea peel for scars————————-NZ$200