Facial Peel

Facial peel treatment stripps away years of skin damage in a non-invasive way. It is painless and very popular treatment in this century.  In addition, it is cheaper compared to any other treatment to get luxurious skin texture. 

Professional facial peel treatment done in professional clinic by skin therapists, estheticians or medical practitioners. This treatment shows noticeable skin flaking, or peeling depends on the strength of the product are used. We recomends a series six or twelve peel treatment three to four weeks apart, followed twice a year to keep skin condition better.

Body and Face clinic prepares skin with cosmeceutical skin care regimen prior starting facial peel treament. 


Peel treatment popular for:

  • getting glow and reduce dullness
  • reducing acne.
  • freshening and brightning skin tone and texture.
  • removing freckles and some epidermal pigmentation.
  • helping for fine lines and small pores.

Condition of Facial Peel treatments:

  • Facial Peel Treatment for acenic skin
  • Vitamin A Peel for wrinkles and aged skin
  • Salysalic acid (Clarity peel) for black heads
  • Mandelic acid peel for pigmentated skin
  • Lactic acid peel treatment for overall skin texture



Our Price

Peel treatment are from $90 to $120