Dermal Filler



Dermal Fillers are an injectable gel known as hyaluronic acid, normally found in the skin, muscles, eyes, and tendons of humans. Wide ranges of hyaluronic acid fillers are available in the market. They behave differently within the skin.  Thick type dermal fillers replace bone and volume loss around the cheek, chin, lips and the most areas of the face.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



                                       dermal filler3

Body and Face clinic uses Juvederm,  Restylane and Teosyal products. These fillers enhance the look of upper, mid and lower face. These fillers last for nine to twelve months and then can be repeated in the same areas. 





Our Price:

Restylane /Juvederm  Ranges————————NZ $600 /per syringe 

Teosyal Ranges——————————————–$550 per syringe

Bundle of three Fillers ———————————NZ $1500