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Body and face clinic uses mint thread without barbs. These threads are made up of PDO suture materials. They are monofilament, synthetic, absorbable suture material from the polymer of polydioxanone. These suture materials have been used in surgery to close wounds for decades.

Non-Barb Thread

These are mint mono threads. They are smooth threads often called “sugar threads” which have some lifting and tightening capacities. These threads dissolve within a year and then you can replace them with another set of fresh PDO threads. These threads stimulate the production of collagen and elastin helps to tighten and eventually lift the skin. Areas that are suitable for the MINT MONO thread are as follows: necklines neck sagginess the forehead under the eyes the cheeks decolletage back of hands and fine lines above and below the lips

The common side effects of all types of threads are: bruising pain and discomfort. Infection may require antibiotic therapy If infection should develop, which is most unlikely if you follow post-care directions, you may require antibiotic therapy.

 Our Price

  • $350 thread and anti-wrinkle injection to lift the brow 
  • $800 mixture of  threads to lift the lower face and jowl
  • $750 to lift the mouth corner and enhance lip with 1ml Dermal filler
  • $ 1150 to lift lower face with the Ultraformer III & a mixture of threads 
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